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Comments for 'The Darkness: An Elite's Tale'

10:48 pm | April 6, 2004
Hehe, I'll probably try to go read it if I find some time :)
The Huntress
8:11 pm | April 6, 2004
never mind!
The Huntress
8:06 pm | April 6, 2004
hey, how long did it take for your story to show up after you posted it. because i tried to post a first part to my series, and it didn't show up. did i do something wrong?
The Huntress
11:38 am | April 1, 2004
That...was......FRICKEN AWESOME! Just like Furious hatred through the eyes of an elite, that one kept me reading.
4:16 pm | February 18, 2004
ok i finally read it...really cool, i still hope i can write even half this good...that would be nice. Excellent work!

CommanderElite out.
4:32 am | January 30, 2004
Must..Read..More, Can't wait.. O_O
6:54 pm | January 29, 2004
I loved it, I'm almost speachless, I have never been so effected by a story, I felt strange when it started, I was edgy when he went into the armory, I felt excited when he started slicing the flood with his sword, I felt sorry for Karn's men, I felt sorry for the bane squad. I felt sorrow and pride as Tr` ran into a group of flood with a grenade strapped to his chest in a last act of strength and glory. I felt releif when the hunters came down. I felt envy of the main characters sacrafice that he made in order to save Karn and his men, and I felt sorrow when the main character died. I loved it, I loved it so much. If you EVER want to discuss writing or if you have a story you want someone to check, email me alright?

~~Rave- Dark_Knight_Raven001@hotmail.com
You keep up the writing, I'll keep up the reading.
CoLd BlooDed
4:09 am | January 29, 2004
Oh yeh, in case you didn't notice, the fourth chapter of Forced Betrayal is posted.

Lol, thanks for reading the first story one too.
CoLd BlooDed
11:30 pm | January 27, 2004
Thanks big time, MadJackal. And keep up the good work. :D
4:27 am | January 27, 2004
I'll make sure I read it, CoLd BlooDed. Actually, I have not been writing for very long. I wrote my first Halo short story a few months after I got the game, which was a little more than a year ago. I did it for fun, nothing serious, but my friends said it was great. I went on writing little stories until one day, I came across HBO and read some of the fanfics posted here and was really impressed. So, one night, I sat down and wrote The Furious Hatred and posted it soon afterwards. That was my first real story. I get my writing style mostly from reading lots of novels by good authors (and good fanfics too). Yeah, anyways, when I read it, I'll try to give you some tips that have guided my writing.
CoLd BlooDed
2:42 am | January 26, 2004

Awesome, fucking awesome! I loved this, and I usually don't read stories this long because they are usually boring.

This is quite an exception. How long have you been writing? I could learn a thing or two from this work of art. Once my story comes out (titled 'Forced Betrayal') you should check it out and give me some pointers. :D

It is also about an Elite, but a renegade. 11/10 Great story!
10:34 pm | January 25, 2004
This was a great story, MadJackal, as usual. I love the stories you write about the Elites. You just have a good writing style. This is probably my favourite of your stories so far. Keep up the good work, dude. See ya at skool.
10:30 pm | January 23, 2004
Thanks, I'm glad that you guys like it! Actually, when I started writing this one, I didn't think it would be all that great, but by the end, I was truly satisfied with it. I really got into the storyline and the struggles of the main character. Anyways, thanks for the comments! They mean a lot to me and help me see what you guys like and don't like so that I can try to improve each time a write a story.
12:31 pm | January 23, 2004
Beautiful, creative, excellent, perfect, are all the words that describes this fanfic. Wow, i couldn't stop reading until it was finnished. you really out did yourself. that was the best fanfic i've ever read. you captured the whole mind set of an Elite and how the Covenant operate. You make them real as opposed to just a enemy controled by the computer. Everyone on this site needs to read this story and comment on it.


First to rise, last to fall
Helljumpers do it all
9:38 am | January 23, 2004
Awsome story, I loved it. the only thing I noticed was that you didn't really distinguish ranks between the Covenant Elites, but other than that is was awsome!!

This is A work
3:42 am | January 23, 2004
Wow, it was like I was addicted to this story, I read it twice.

Keep it up man, 11/10
2:10 am | January 23, 2004
This was absolutly awsome, damn, i wish i could write like this. You have the talent of really describing things and setting the scenes up in the reader's mind. Fantastic work, yet again, Madjackal. 11/10