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Comments for 'The Rise of Humanity: Part 1 (Revised!)'

12:41 am | May 20, 2004
550 auto-cannons equipped with 7.62 mm bullets?
lol, wtf? How completely ineffective would that be? Try something more like 25 mm depleted uranium slugs.
Yo Yo
12:13 pm | December 13, 2003
I dunno...i just liked that name...hehe
11:39 pm | December 11, 2003
Whats up with the name?
Traumatised Marine
6:47 pm | December 10, 2003
Oh, AmokTheClown you struck just the right notes there! That's exactly why I love the idea of Halo too! The fact that humanity has made realistic progress (Space 1999 anyone?) and that despite getting a good bruising, with our technology that was made off our own backs we've been able to be one serious pain in the ass to the Covenant and given the technology of the race that created Halo a run for it's money.
4:41 am | December 10, 2003
...i like the name he deleted. hahah
4:34 am | December 10, 2003
well written. grammar mistakes as SaGe ScOrPiOn said. and like BliNd_snowmaNm said, you have taken things and mutliplied them to ridiculous levels. what happen to the underdog victories that the UNSC and the master chief had? the thing i loved about the human forces in the books were how 'low-tech' they are. i mean, its something like 549 years in the future and we are still using ballistic weapons. but we still won engagements with them. don't go to energy weapons, or do, but not so fantastic in their ideas. also, bigger isn't always better. it just doesn't balance, if you know what i mean. humans need to be the underdogs, otherwise the victories are worthless...
Yo Yo
3:29 am | December 10, 2003
Oh, bliNd_snowmaNn, are you interested in writing this series together? If any of you two are, my email is spookybanana29@hotmail.com...
Yo Yo
3:27 am | December 10, 2003
Thanks for the comments guys...hey SaGe ScOrPiOn, are you interested in writing this series together?
9:36 pm | December 9, 2003
Good effort, but you're one of these people who thinks up their plots by multiplying elements in the Halo game to ridiculous levels.
'Uh, yeah, 32000 'marines'' It sounds a bit cheesy y'know? You're describing the defence of Earth like a big Halo scrap with 32000 marines saying the same phrases over and over.
And the MJOLNIR X...? WTF!?!
'Urgh yeh, it's got a... two plasma sword things on each arm see?' You're working with a limited set of ideas transplanted right out of the game.
SaGe ScOrPiOn
3:09 pm | December 9, 2003
Good story, pretty well written, with a few grammar mistakes. However, be more creative with the Forerunner weapons technology. They wouldn't have MAC guns, or plasma torpedoes. They would have their own types of weapons, such as some kind of concentrated energy weapons. Be creative. Think of your own. SaGe ScOrPiOn likes the new MJOLNIR suits though ;)