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Comments for 'Halo: The Scythe of Death Part Seven'

Agent Shade
4:41 am | January 3, 2004
Bungie.net? what would i be doing there?
9:22 pm | January 2, 2004
No i don't
Sergeant B
3:36 pm | January 2, 2004
Affirmative. LoD, I read Halo: The Scythe of Death; every part. It's really good. Awesome. Hey, do you have a Bungie.net account?

By the way, Shade, where are you at Bungie.net?
10:34 pm | January 1, 2004
Sorry, we just got our internet back. I had stopped writing for a while because i couldn't post. Next one will be coming soon.
7:12 pm | January 1, 2004
excelllent work. Your character development is well done and your characters are fully human, they're not just mindless fighting machines...

9:22 pm | December 30, 2003
took me a while to get around to reading, but it wsa excellent. I enjoye it, don't feel bad, it takes me a long time to post my stories.
Blue Dude
7:09 pm | December 30, 2003
WOnderful Story
Agent Shade
4:30 pm | December 30, 2003
you're writing is the best, you are the best in my mind, but i have one problem.....

it takes too fucking long for you to post this story!!!

sorry, just had to get that out. on a lighter note, well done again......am i the only one who comments on this story?