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Comments for 'Halo: The Scythe of Death Part Five'

4:05 am | July 14, 2003
Very good, one of the best.
Its nice to know that we humans push back harder.
Keep up the nice work.
7:03 pm | July 12, 2003
[To Steele]Hey, when is your next fanfic coming out?
Diamond Dog
5:11 pm | July 10, 2003
Wow. After I read this one I went back and read the first four chapters. I have to hand it to you: your space battles are the best I have ever read. Period. End of discussion. Even better than the ones in Fall of Reach, I think.

Your new technology and vehicles are also really cool. The only thing that bothered me in the entire series so far was that you didn't explain how humanity went from underdog to conquering badasses.

But that's a small thing, and it doesn't tarnish the rest of the story at all.
3:11 pm | July 9, 2003
What's a choive? :)

9.5/10 Other than a few grammar mistakes, pretty good. Good job on the Covenant names.
9:07 pm | July 7, 2003
Thankyou. I'll try to keep it up.
Lone Wolf 4001
2:47 am | July 7, 2003
Nice, Patton Nimitz, good choive for names, top learders of war in world jistory, nice use 9/10
Agent Shade
2:15 am | July 7, 2003
holy shit...wow, that was incredible, which sums it all up, can't get enough, need more 11/10