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Comments for 'Halo: The Scythe of Death Part One'

12:48 am | June 12, 2003
How old did you think I was?

I remember there was this one dude, Wado, who was talking about words he used in the 70's....
2:58 am | June 10, 2003
[To Steele] Now I'm really impressed. I'm only 14, turning fifteen also in November.
9:16 pm | June 9, 2003
I'm only 15, but I'll be 16 this November.
8:49 pm | June 9, 2003
Dude I dont care whatever the hell it ends with, IT STILL HAS MK.48 AT THE START AND FUCKING SUBMARIES USE THEM!OK?OK!
8:24 pm | June 9, 2003
[To Steele] You write very good fanfics. How old are you? Just curious.
8:06 pm | June 9, 2003
Thankyou. Now i know to continue the series. And scope, its the Mk. 48 Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, not ADCAP torpedo.
Agent Shade
9:45 pm | June 8, 2003
all right, LoD is back, you're my fav writer man and this story just blows the competition outta the way, muy excelente amigo, 10/10
Wiley Kimball
9:20 pm | June 8, 2003
Great, 9/10 I use lots of names too.
8:45 pm | June 8, 2003
9.5/10 Dude u are about 100 years short with that Mk. 48 name. U.S.A submaries use Mk. 48 ADCAP torpedos.
8:09 pm | June 8, 2003
Haven't seen you here in a while, LoD.

Pretty good, pretty good. 9/10!

Mk. 48, Nimitz? It's understandable; I use alot of today names too.