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Comments for 'Spartans: Combat Evolved: Prologue'

2:20 am | May 9, 2003
Apology accpeted.
2:31 pm | May 8, 2003
I apologize for my involunatry movement.

It just sounded funny to me.
10:55 am | May 8, 2003
That's pretty good!
12:52 am | May 8, 2003
I just have one thing to say to that, Steele.
People who write jokes on the comments board
Roll their shit into little balls
People who read those words of wit
Eat those little balls of shit.
So stop force feeding us.
12:18 am | May 8, 2003
Why they defecated!

Hardy Har Har!
9:32 pm | May 6, 2003
First of all, the war is far from over, the war is only just starting to heat up. Second, i will reveal later why they defected. And telepathy is just the start in the evolution of the human mind. And besides, Ishkabibbl, a paintball is whole lot cheaper and less painful then a stun laser. But thanks anyway.
11:35 am | May 6, 2003
After awhile, don't you think we would get past paintball? Would make more sense for stun lasers or somthin, but other then that good story.
10:26 pm | May 5, 2003
Pretty good. I have listed a few problems:

1. The Covenant wouldn't just quit and join humanity, for some reason they hate us to our very core. Strange alien buttmunches.

2. If the war was over, would the UNSC really do the horrid thing of stealing thousands of kids from their parents and then augument them into super-soldiers.

3. If they're telepathic, might as well go ahead and make telekinetic and pryokinetic.

But otherwise, good story; 9/10.
9:54 pm | May 5, 2003
Thanks for the praise, guys. I'll do my best to keep it up.
9:45 pm | May 5, 2003
10/10 Fuck man bloody good show
Agent Shade
5:44 pm | May 5, 2003
holy shit dude, you have no idea how interested I am in this story...it reminds me of "Project: Shadow Spartan" sort of. still, please keep it up, this is awesome. 10/10