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Comments for 'The Eye of the Storm: Prologue'

10:12 pm | April 1, 2004
8:24 pm | April 1, 2004
[To SOS Odin]

Thanks. It helps to be sort of a nerd. Oh well, i need to go arrange my pocket protectors. LOL!
8:54 pm | March 31, 2004
[to LordofDestruction]
your a pimp
this was nuts
im a senior in high school and ur stuff blows mine outta the water
amazing talent
5:02 pm | March 31, 2004
[to Agent Shade] No i'm not joking.
4:28 pm | March 31, 2004
[To BlackGhost] There aren't enough soldiers to man them all. Thats why there are so many ships in system.
3:57 pm | March 31, 2004
Good beginning
11:42 am | March 31, 2004
It's very good, the only thing that seemed odd to me was the amount of resources. 100 Super Macs per planet? It seems a bit much. And also you said there were 700 ships defending each planet, yet before you mentioned how the UNSC was short of manpower. Very good otherwise.
The Collector
12:57 am | March 31, 2004
Freshman... Freshman!!! Damn... wow... And they say American Schools are sub standard. You make your parents/teachers proud by having such great talent :). Nice hook, great streamline ideas, but a lil on the over dramatic. Otherwise great talent
U go bro ;}
Agent Shade
10:26 pm | March 30, 2004
you're joking about the freshman right? looks like we got another Frensa Geran on our hands, well done young one heh jk
9:34 pm | March 30, 2004
Nice history text. All very factual and to the point. Hopefully you'll get part one up sooner rather than later. I'm afraid I might forget to read your next work.
8:42 pm | March 30, 2004
Actually, i am a freshman in high school. I am going to finish Scythe of Death before i start major work on this one. I will hurry.
Agent Shade
7:59 pm | March 30, 2004
why can't you write part one?

my obvious assumption is that you are an individual stuck in college or unniversity, since the level of detail and thought in your writing is absolutely amazing, i'm blown away everytime i read your stories. please continue and hurry with part one