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Comments for 'Widowmaker: The Defence of Earth Part One'

10:50 pm | June 23, 2004
To halobug@msn.com: I can't post it, i have XP and internet explorer.
5:09 pm | June 6, 2004
The defence of earth part one was a great story.
But when are you going to make the second part???
Guy in the Hole
9:51 pm | February 8, 2004
Ohhhhh. Thx
Neat stuff, although that would be freakin' huge turret, still coolness.
By the way, in the couple of days before your responce I found out most of my second question, and depending on what your relating it to it can be describes kinda like the ship in question is the center of longtitude and later lines, and orientation is gained through the use of a really precise gyroscope. Thx again though.


Back in the Hole!
4:52 pm | February 8, 2004
To GuyintheHole

First Question: How does one mount a MAC on a turret?
Answer: The turrets are on outriggers extended away from the hull. The weapon is still the same size, it's just on a rotating platform extended out about three hundred meters.

Second Question: What does #-#-point-#-# mean?

Answer. #-#-point-#-# is the bearing in which its course is changing. A bearing of one-eight-zero would be heading towards the center of the galaxy, a bearing of zero-zero-zero would be the exact opposite. The point part is just hundreds of degrees. As for declination, same thing, a declination of one-eight-zero would be going straight up relative to the Earth, a declination of negative one-eight-zero would be straight down relative to the earth's north and south poles, with North=up and south=down.
6:45 am | February 8, 2004
Very nice. I like you're style, and the ship combat was very well narrated, perhaps the best I've seen (besides Nylund). Make sure you don't get dragged into an "everyday" sorta feeling. The purpose of a story is to relate an extraordinary event, so send the ship on some special mission or throw in some plot twist to keep the story interesting. Not to say you haven't thought of it, but just a reminder.
Guy in the Hole
12:31 pm | February 7, 2004
Hey hey, goodness is what I call that.
But i really have to ask as few things..
(now the time you say: "Sure, go ahead."
...premero, how does one mounnt a MAC on a turret, concidering that they usually run half the length of a UNSC vessel. Succeeding in such a task would be very impressive, but dude, awasome weaponage I will admit. Secondly, I've been looking, and short of emailing my Army cousin or otehr Military enrolled family members I still can't find out what those #-#-point-#-# deals mean, hook me up if you know.

Oh NO!

Back in the hole!
MC's cousin
12:29 pm | February 7, 2004
*hand clap* Very nice I will have to say, it even stuck on me. I commend you, it would seem we have someone to watch for the next couple of weeks, and hopefully longer. I like your style, but a bit more explination and "stuff" would be a good thing. Keep up the good work.

Signing Off

8:03 pm | February 6, 2004
Yea its pretty good, no complaints and ya'll know how i do with those.


First to rise, last to fall
Helljumpers do it all
Feet first into hell
12:44 pm | February 6, 2004
I read. And I liked ;)

I give this an A.
12:04 pm | February 6, 2004
Scythe of Death hasn't been canned, i just put it on hold for a while. I've had this floating in my mind for a long time so i thought "Oh what the hell!" and just wrote it down in about three hours. Oh by the way, could you guys get other people to read my stories, they don't seem to be read alot. If you would, i'd appreciate it.
11:55 pm | February 5, 2004
good job
i dont like ship stories much
but i liked this one
ill prolly read the series
imma hafta spice my stories up
to keep alpha from goin Mr. Shade
Agent Shade
7:57 pm | February 5, 2004
you're writing skills continue to impress me, but one problem. Where's the Scythe of Death?

regardless, top notch story, please continue writing. you are really the only reason i still read stories here
4:25 pm | February 5, 2004
Thanks man. Part Two coming in three or four days.
David Li
12:31 pm | February 5, 2004
Very nice piece of art here. You made everything detailed to the very last bit. You created charaters and bought them to life. I look forward to seeing your second part. Email me at davidli3126@yahoo.com if you can to tell me when your next part is on HBO.