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Comments for 'Finishing what you started, Part Two'

Spartan III
3:07 am | June 22, 2002
I just read your stories. Keep um comin. They are very entertaining.
1:57 am | April 6, 2002
in case anyone cared... i havent had too much time to work on the 3rd part, but today was my last day of school for 9 days, so i should have the 3rd, maybe evenb the 4th and 5th done by the end...
12:14 am | April 6, 2002
i believe that they use ODSTs for a reason...1) is for combat training and 2) 71 SPARTANs is far morw powerful that 300 ODSTs...
6:05 pm | April 5, 2002
extremley entertaining.
10:33 pm | April 4, 2002
2:38 am | April 4, 2002
or they could of used something like we us today like the MILES gear or something
1:21 am | April 4, 2002
Yeah, I thought about it too... but a couple of things: 1) They did it when John first recieved his new MJLONIR, except he just didn't kill them. And 2) who else would they fight to test it out? If I was one of themm, being dropped into real combat with a squad I just met wouldn't be my first choice.
9:54 pm | April 3, 2002
Hey.Excellent prose, your detail and your choreography of the battle scenes was top notch. My only criticism: In future where humanity is systematically being wiped out, would the UNSC military really want to waste valuable manpower just to test out the new crop of SPARTANS? Plus, im certain the ethics of pitting live soldiers as sacrificial lambs wouldnt go over well with the UNSC brass. Perhaps combat drones would be a little more plausible. Just a suggestion. Keep those stories coming, though! :)
9:16 pm | April 2, 2002
Well, maybe if I knew who Ben Bova was... :)
6:21 am | April 2, 2002

Ben Bova first published at 16, I believe.

. . .

This is my excuse for a response, in case you guys can't tell.


2:27 am | April 2, 2002
hahahahahahahaha... a book... right... only 16 years old :)
1:30 am | April 2, 2002
hi im a long time fan of halo and you write tremendusly well... you should think about actaully putting out a book but for now keep the stroys comming , they are very entertaining
6:32 pm | April 1, 2002
Ok that explains it thanks
5:20 pm | April 1, 2002
You should definitely write more! It was very good. You've got me hooked. It's a lot like the Fall of Reach. Bravo!
2:18 pm | April 1, 2002
Because they need to get used to combat, and sending them out onto a real battlefield would be suicide if they hadn't worked together before, so they went up against the ODSTs
1:59 pm | April 1, 2002
Its good i like it and you should keep writing it. But one thing, why would they kill the other marines???
3:25 am | April 1, 2002
Alright, I need to know something: Do you guys think these are good enough to keep writing them?