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Comments for 'Finishing what you started, Part One'

halo fanatic
2:45 am | May 12, 2002
I really liked it but I dont think the unsc would waste all those troops for training. Other than that it's awsome
5:33 pm | April 1, 2002
Wonderful! I really like it. Keep writing! :)
2:04 am | March 31, 2002
I read alot of fan fic here this is one of the most interesting ( there are alot of those lol :)] nice story looking fo the next 1
7:36 pm | March 30, 2002
I can see about five parallels between your story and siege of the rings, but other than that, it's great.
3:56 pm | March 30, 2002
Gee, this story is really good
The British Commando
11:01 am | March 30, 2002
I like it, looks like it's really going somwhere.
3:54 am | March 30, 2002
Just thought I'd like to let you know, this is my first, hope you like it. I'm almost done with the second installment now. Lemme know what you think! Thanks