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Comments for '...Must Carry You Out'

8:36 pm | June 18, 2004
Very well written. Lots of coversation detail and no rushing. Keep it up. Looking for part 2.
Knightmare Wolf
9:25 pm | July 2, 2002
oh yeah, I remember that....
Archangels Blade
11:38 am | July 2, 2002
Aaaaah. That explains a lot, Knight Premier. It's that colonel! Cortana did a pretty good job screwing him up, didn't she? lol. Keep this up. I recently read the book, so i for one know where you're coming from. Way to go man! It rules!
2:06 am | June 30, 2002
Awesome story!!! This is a perfect continuation of where Halo left off. If the sequel to Halo started out like this it'd be a dang good plot.
Knight Premier
11:31 am | June 28, 2002
Actually, he is not a Commander. He is an ONI spook who was thrown into a field command position by Cortana, after he tried to kill the Master Chief in a training excersise.He still has connections to ONI and 'higher powers', but decided to keep his position at the front lines. More to come about that later.This information and charachter is taken from the book Fall of Reach.
Mr.Cool Man
6:50 pm | June 26, 2002
good job is there a part 2
5:56 pm | June 26, 2002
Amazing!!!!!!!!! So much detail!!!! Keep up the good work!!!
3:59 pm | June 26, 2002
sounds very good. keep writing
3:50 am | June 25, 2002
3:50 am | June 25, 2002
3:39 am | June 25, 2002
yep i m back on the site,but not to do any harm,just saying that ya got a good story going on here,keep it up,oh ya and I "ahhm" got in toch of Jason H. It seems that louis was wrong about where he lives!he didnt even pick the right stat,although he might have got the right address,but he didnt say anything.we are comunicating by e-mail,so expect something,umm soon,but I am not encouraging him cause I know what happens when that stuff goes down
1:26 am | June 25, 2002
A few errors but in all very nice. Geez this is damn good ideas. Can't wait for next part
Knightmare Wolf
7:06 pm | June 24, 2002
Couple errors with rank issues but overall it kicks ass, in the top three i'd say
6:32 pm | June 24, 2002
It sounds like the sequel to Halo. This is extremly impressive. A part two. Keep writing, man.
5:26 pm | June 24, 2002
Not bad, but one thing: Why would a Commander be making a presentation like that while a Captain is piloting the ship. A Captain is higher in rank than a Commander.