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Comments for 'Check, Please- Reissue'

2:33 am | June 13, 2004
Earth does have orbital MACs. In fact, they are building more to compensate for the Covenant since Reach did fall, even with the number it had.
5:04 pm | June 12, 2004
the story was fucking awesome, but i just have one question - I know that Reach and Earth are the most two important planets to humanity, and reach had very powerful orbitat guns, including the naval shipyards and a fleet of ships. But how is it that Earth bieng the homeworld of humanity and the source of all hope to every human fighting, doesn't have a single orbital MAC?
3:12 am | June 10, 2004
I love your writing, keep it up.

Kellen Squire
1:17 am | June 10, 2004
Damn, what the hell happened to the formatting?
Kellen Squire
1:17 am | June 10, 2004
Sorry, folks. I dunno why the formatting got so messed up. It looked fine in "Preview".
The NEW Zak
1:01 am | June 10, 2004
im not going to write anymore stories for awhile, ill just stick to reading them, i know some of you are probably cheering, but i would like to take the time to thank all the people who even bothered to read my series, except Hawk7886. ill be back someday.................