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Comments for 'But I Don't Want To Go On The Cart!'

11:27 am | June 22, 2004
two thousand metres? that's less than half the length of the Pillar of Autumn! Thats a really small warship...
11:56 am | June 2, 2004
Good story, i want to see where this is going. One thing, Longsword fighters don't have slipspace engines, and I assume that part was after Halo. YOu should read Halo First Strike to see what really happened.

Kellen Squire
3:50 am | June 2, 2004
I started writing this story before First Strike. HALO fan fiction doesn't have to conform to the HALO story in a Nazi-esque fashion, guys. Just an FYI.

The title was supposed to be "Check, Please: But I Don't Want To Go On The Cart", but it got all messed up.

But thanks for the kind words. More's on the way. Hold on, gimme a minute on the acronyms.
6:43 pm | June 1, 2004
I liked it too. The title, though, is misleading since the story has a lot of depth to it. You are very good at depicting the impending doom...keep the updates coming!
6:36 pm | May 30, 2004
You know, upon looking at the title of this story, I thought it would be another newbie fanfic.

However, you definitely proved me wrong.

This story is superb, I think that your writing style is very impressive, and the milieu is very real and immersive. I would like to know what every acronym there means, if you thought that out far enough.

I will remember this one.
3:47 pm | May 30, 2004
I like the sound of that ship.