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Comments for 'The Boy'

Bob Shipowitz
1:57 am | June 6, 2004
What about the authors of M31: First Blood? They haven't posted in a LONG time, but I can't wait for their next installment (if it comes).
12:29 am | May 29, 2004
Just naming a few that don't come here any more, or don't come very often.
CoLd BlooDed
12:09 am | May 29, 2004

;) Nah...
11:29 am | May 28, 2004
I think you reach fame after several series and when people can't wait for your next post. That leads me to ask, Am I there yet?

Kellen Squire
11:15 am | May 28, 2004
Heh. Hey, Nick. Do me a favor and take a look at all the fan fiction I've written- there's an option for that, right? "More by this author". Take a look at the date on some of the stories.
3:36 am | May 28, 2004
Authors I would consider "fame" worthy:

Frensa Geran
Steve Olette

There are others, but its been a while since I've seen many of them around here.
1:28 am | May 28, 2004
No, "fame" comes when you save the world or destroy a nation. Don't anybody let yourselves get carried away; being the Big Man on Fan Fiction is sadly next to meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Your reward for your work is the work itself; you're taking advantage of a pre-built audience, distribution mechanism, and backstory, things many writers dream of having offered to them on a silver platter.There are no medals and you will not advance in the world for your contributions here. Writers write.
Nick Kang
9:25 pm | May 27, 2004
Well, not exactly fame yet, you haven't been here long enough.
I would describe it more as 'building your way up.'
You're not quite to fame yet, I'm not really even sure if I'm there, yet, and I've been here for several months.

Kellen Squire
8:11 pm | May 27, 2004
Hmm. I see your point.

In that case, thank you, all, for the kind words. I'm not sure about the "fame" I'm bathing in, but I'm glad you appreciate my writing. I hope I've helped you to get some ideas or inspiration to put into your own stories.
Nick Kang
7:15 pm | May 27, 2004
That's kinda what you're supposed to do here. In my book, it's considered selfish if you just stand by, letting all of the comments bathe you in fame and glory. It's considered a bit more polite to answer comments, thank people, answer any questions they may ask, the such.

Kellen Squire
2:08 pm | May 27, 2004
But why would I respond?
11:33 am | May 27, 2004
Very fun to read from beginning to end! I could picture everything because of your great descriptions. My favorite part was when the elite's finger pulled the trigger! Perfectly worded, great job!
Nick Kang
12:20 am | May 27, 2004
This person's writing is excellent, now if only he/she would answer these posts...

10:21 pm | May 26, 2004
What you talking bout Talen_spotted, this was a short story and well written. You captured the emotions perfectly. Good job.

8:22 pm | May 26, 2004
Short and pointless but brilliant and absorbing to the end.