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3:34 am | May 29, 2004
They had been fighting pirates and such for years, and there were several wars before that. The UNSC was only then coming into its so called peaceful period when the Covenant attacked. They were always busy doing something.

And with the previous conflicts and constant piracy going on in the Halo universe, they would need to be prepared for whatever jumped their way.

But I can let that slide.
Kellen Squire
11:31 am | May 28, 2004
Well, it was just supposed to be my take on what the UN might be structured like in the future. I never claimed it was real or meant to be. I didn't figure Bungie would ever release details like this, so I put down what I thought it'd be like. I obviously decided to structure the story like an entry in the CIA World Factbook. I originally started writing this in 2002, and so I apologize for ripping off Enkidu some two years before it was conceived.

And you're right, Anonymous, that's not a whole hell of a lot of people compared to the population. But that's what many speculate will happen in the future. How big of a military do you need with no known enemies, just some internal security problems?
3:45 am | May 26, 2004
With a supposed population of 198 billion people, you only have 553.5 million service personnel in the military. That is an extremely low number.

That's almost 358 to one ratio there.
Nick Kang
9:30 pm | May 25, 2004
Well...this 'story' is questionable. Although it was quite boring, and read out more, as Blue Jaguar put it, like something from the CIA world Factbook than an actual fanfic, it did provide a good guess at how the Political side of the UNSC operates. However, the official-looking listing of some of the non-important things soon bored me to an extent and I had to stop reading to save my own sanity. And, yeah, don't rip off Enkidu.

1:55 am | May 25, 2004
one more thing...could we start labeling facts as "facts"? This is a video game, after all. :-P
1:28 am | May 25, 2004
Not bad....I like how somebody's trying to think up the facts about the government we know in the Halo universe. But, like what has been stated on this post, some of the info is open to the author's composition, so therefore I cannot take it to heart as a fact. This kind of thing needs to be done by a Bungie guy.
12:50 am | May 25, 2004
interesting indeed, you definatly put a lot of thought into this
Mr. Bill
9:23 pm | May 24, 2004

Very nicely done. That's one amazing task just to size up, yet alone actually nail. Quite interesting, though our depections of the Halo-universe clearly differ on some issues, but I'm not going to mention those here... hell, it's your universe as much as it is mine :- P

Good Job, sir.
8:45 pm | May 24, 2004
Ugh... What a bore. What's exactly the point of this? Even IF it was a prologue, it still doesn't work, because there is no way that most people will be able to get through this "article."
Reads like a frickin' encycolpedia. A prologue should start with CHARACTERS, not a damn summary. And for just a short story... utterly horrible.
1:08 pm | May 24, 2004
Great. The Government of the Halo Universe has never really been discussed. Like I always say, this ff needs more alternative. Take the word of an 11 year old author of badly-written plotless generic action stories and a couple of shallow 6-line poems (im not fishing here...my writing sux). This is good stuff.
Frost Bite
12:21 pm | May 24, 2004
my head hurts now... I never did like reading info on a country... oh well, to each his own
10:33 am | May 24, 2004
AND you speeled (SP on purpose) Bhuddist wrong.

lol =P

- H_K
10:24 am | May 24, 2004
Yah, I'm sure Commander Keyes, durring his search for supersoldiers with Dr. Halsey or something, would scroll up the data file for something he should've learned in 5th Grade Educational Facilities!

And P.S: Darkest90, no mention of Covenant CAUSE ITS BEFORE THEY ATTACK

there we go. That said, intriguing story, but I don't like how you stole from Enkidu with the AI comment in the end.

Is this, like a Prolouge or WHAT?
10:24 am | May 24, 2004
You stole from "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" lol =)
12:16 am | May 24, 2004
this seems like an intro chapter to a story....

8:24 pm | May 23, 2004
Hey, I thought it was pretty good. In fact, I would even use this for myself as a fact-point to base my stories off of. A few things I didn't like, though...

- United Nations of Terra? I can get the United Nations part, but why Terra? Sure, it is the latin word for Earth, but I still don't believe this is a good name. Keep the first part, but not the 'Terra'.

- "...of space out from Galactic Point (0,0), centered on Earth itself."
Considering that we are using 3-Dimensional Coordinates, I would suggest putting (0,0,0) instead.

- Too short. There must be more information on the United Nations than this.

- Covenant weren't mentioned... why is that? This is probably just me, maybe I didn't notice something.

- A.I. mentioned in the end... didn't really correlate with story. Otherwise, I really liked this story... 'article'.

- Darkest90
7:19 pm | May 23, 2004
I thought it was good and creative, but would have been better if from a Bungie employee like Lost Rock said.

MC's Cousin
7:15 pm | May 23, 2004
Well, I don't really consider this a story. And, yes, it would have been better had it been more relevent.

Signing Off

Blue Jaguar
2:54 pm | May 23, 2004
looks like an entry in the CIA world factbook
1:26 pm | May 23, 2004
OK, after reading some of your past work, I realize my initial conviction of this piece was a bit too hasty. I understand that you're trying to "flesh out" the Haloverse with your own eyes, but this just wasn't much of an interesting story. (It would've been more interesting if you were actually a Bungie employee.) Plus, it kinda seemed like an Enkidu ripoff when you add an A.I.(?) comment in the end. It's more interesting when you give us an interpretation of a mentioned conflict in the Haloverse, like you did with Jericho VII.
1:03 pm | May 23, 2004