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Comments for 'For The Good Of Mankind, Part One'

6:54 pm | May 27, 2004
Wonderful intro to the story. Of course off topic, but gripping stuff to get you excited for the rest of the story.

keep it up, can't wait for 'real world' story.
who am I ??
7:57 pm | May 23, 2004
ya they are all correct. well written though.
10:01 pm | May 21, 2004
It was realy well written and I enjoyed reading it but this isn't the write place for it.

The Collector
4:39 am | May 21, 2004
Huh... They had holonovels on the human ships? I didnt think they possess such high technos. Get to the damn halo and stop with the Highlander crap ;0
10:48 pm | May 19, 2004
sry to be the one to tell ya buddy
but this is for Halo fan fics :D
that was well written though
id like to see some halo related stuff
it did seem to go more towards the halo
in the end tho