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Comments for 'Project: Rebirth'

10:26 pm | April 28, 2004
Wheres the rest??
Silent Giant
12:57 am | April 16, 2002
This is my story by the way, just saying that the only resaon that their are spellign errors is because when I sent HBO the story from BG:H I had some trouble getting it on the e-mail and I didn't bother to correct the mistakes. Once I finish the story I will send the last half here...Thanx, I like getting comments
1:30 am | April 11, 2002
I like it very much and check the spelling. Keep writing these things i haven't read anything this good (and long) in a couple months they are really good.
jerry seinfield
12:39 am | April 11, 2002
good long story hope to see more but learn to spell and use proper grammer also try to make the dialouge a little more realistic but still very good