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Comments for 'Galaxy 07 - Part 7 - Regimes'

9:20 pm | January 5, 2004
Me being semi-accepted into a secret society? Wow!!!
3:00 am | January 5, 2004
Hehe, like Mr. Bill yes and a few others... Wado puts up a huge neon sign pointing to self. I have no shame.
2:15 am | January 5, 2004
Gar, coherency slipping, I meant "reforging"...grrr.
2:12 am | January 5, 2004
The beforging of Zenith? I wasn't much on it the first time, but i think it's a group of some of the best writers ever...like Mr. Bill... I wanna read more about Capt. Damius!
9:51 pm | January 4, 2004
Vector40? I just read some of his writing over at the fanficnet, it's alright
10:47 am | January 4, 2004
Well Jilly, I recommended you to Vector40. He might read some of your stuff. He is one of the best writers ever to come to HBO so we shall see. Maybe Zenith will rise again (as if you care what that even means).

1:25 am | January 4, 2004
Har Har! I IS coherent after all!
4:54 am | January 2, 2004
ah. Thank you Main. I didn't see that 'a' right there :P
7:43 pm | January 1, 2004
At first I thought he meant quite as well, but he does me quiet.

It's going to be quite a moment.

It's going to be a quiet moment when they all meet.
7:07 pm | January 1, 2004
hmmm it's nice to see that you're back. Good work , it was enjoyable and free of errors.

7:07 am | January 1, 2004



I quite enjoyed this, thank you.


I think you meant 'quite' =P
2:55 am | January 1, 2004
very nice, good job
6:09 am | December 31, 2003
err, I meant "quiet" in that last post...sorry.
6:02 am | December 31, 2003
Nice one, Jillybean, this rocks my socks...or whatever it might be considered. I'm very intrested in where this might go...seems like this is going to be a quite moment coming up with the meeting this person again and such.

Great job with the propaganda effects, really makes me want a piece of that marine contingent...feel sorry for John, though. It would suck if he ended up as a defunct behemoth by the end of this because of Cortana's presence in his mind. Then again...might be the 'Tana who's compatible...I've said too much!

I can hardly wait for the next one, good work!
Night Shadow
4:30 am | December 31, 2003
Interesting... Keep it up.
2:28 am | December 31, 2003
Got over your writer's block with a vengeance I see.
Blue Dude
7:43 pm | December 30, 2003
Damn nice liked it alot
7:09 pm | December 30, 2003
Yeah, took you long enough. But it looks like you worked through your case of writer's block pretty well. Keep up the good work!
3:20 pm | December 30, 2003
Bout damn time. Excellent.