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1:51 am | May 6, 2004
Sadly, those have come and gone, but for the Halo 2 release... *sigh* guess I'll have to get my schoolwork done faster and crank out a coupla works within the next decade...Travesty Theatre here I come!
8:41 pm | December 4, 2003
Absolutely fantastic! George is so cute - vicious, but cute!
Any chance of a new year addition? How about Easter? Oooh, and a special edition for the Halo 2 release! Not that I'm trying to pressurise you or anything, just suggesting a few ideas...
Keep up the great work!
7:45 pm | December 4, 2003
Forgot the very last period at the end ;-)
that guy over there who smiles just a bit too wide
5:12 am | December 3, 2003
was i one of the three unwise noobs?
3:11 am | December 3, 2003
Sure, but only as long as she puts me in it! (jk)
I can't wait until the Groundhog Day edition.
I can't wait until the Groundhog Day edition.
I can't wait until the Groundhog Day edition.
I can't wait until the Groundhog Day edition.
I can't wait until the Groundhog Day edition.
I can't wait until the Groundhog Day edition.
I can't wait until the Groundhog Day edition.
I can't wait until the Groundhog Day edition.
(Anybody else seen that movie?)
1:32 am | December 3, 2003
LOL, that would be soemthing to see.

fyi, my name has only one "o" in it. It's a combination of Berylium, Zirconium, and the letter "s"...easy to remember as Pi!

Other than that, thanks for putting me in your piece!...means of doing so aside.

Anyone up for a petition to ask Jillybean to keep writing this stuff? It makes the holidays something to really enjoy. ^_^
11:01 pm | December 2, 2003
What we need to do is get BOLL to do a picture of Wu in a Santa Suit...in 3D
9:40 pm | December 2, 2003
Good. *Nods to Socrates* Clever boy.

And Santa Wu did the link - all credit goes to me . . .
9:04 pm | December 2, 2003
Whoops, my mistake! Upon re-reading that section, I picked up on the fact that it was not herself that Jillybean was shifting the weight of in the male pronoun. Sorry about that! I retract my statement in regaurd to it, and humbly apologize.

And yes, I have held a baby on my hip, though I was scolded for not holding my infant sister properly. (She's now nearly 12.)

8:37 pm | December 2, 2003
Oh, come on, who would ever want you to stop writing these great holiday stories. Keep it up.
6:53 pm | December 2, 2003
What, everyone left, but I was still talking... LOL.

Great story Jilly, I kept thinking I knew how the story would end, but I had no idea. I really like how you kept up the randomness yet it all flowed nicely.

Now how did you get that link in your story. Did you use a URL pseudocode?
6:24 pm | December 2, 2003
Not a gender mix-up. The character of Jillybean was shifting George's weight. Ever held a baby on your hip? It gets heavy
6:13 pm | December 2, 2003
Another nice story, Jillybean. Personally, I think that you should continue to produce these stories; let me ammend that, I -want- you to write more of this kind of fiction (but only at your whim, of course).

[editor] I found only two minor problems, one with one of the character's names (there was a letter missing), and the other with your gender at the end of the story. You said that you "shifted his weight." [/editor]

I thought that the introduction of the baby Elite was unconventional, but an interesting focus which definately worked. (The closes to this would be the child Elite in the Halo Babies comic, I believe.) The characters and descriptions were pretty well done, especially Wado's.

Anyway, to cut this short, since I've got to duck out of here momentarily, nice story and please keep it up!

4:36 pm | December 2, 2003
Awwwww, George, bless!! Heehee, great story, lol! :D