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Comments for 'Galaxy 07 - Part Five - Escape'

3:56 pm | December 1, 2003
Just coz it takes you so long to read :P

Don't worry - inspiration for the next chapter is . . . scarily short.
6:40 am | December 1, 2003
Chop chop, would you like some chop-suey. Maybe you could chop some wood or we could go out and I'll pick you up on my chopper. ;)

Your writing rocks don't worry if this story didn't flow as nicely as it could have. I still enjoyed reading it. However, if you keep this up, I'll have to tell you not to post the stories so often, slow it down and take more time before submitting to HBO. :P
7:25 pm | November 30, 2003
Choppy everywhere. It's just not smooth enough at all. The action rushes and the scene between Dax and John is the most hamfisted one I've ever written. I'm really not happy with this chapter at all.
1:23 am | November 30, 2003
9:06 am | November 29, 2003
jillybean's an awesome writer
shes one of the good ones still here
good job
7:38 am | November 29, 2003
I agree with Hawk except it really wasn't all that choppy.
9:42 pm | November 28, 2003
Wasn't that choppy.

"And writing crappy in this fanfic is better than writing crappy in my novel."

NOVEL?! What's it called? What is the author's name gonna be? Are you gonna use your handle or something else?

Need . . . More . . . Info . . .
6:49 pm | November 28, 2003
This is one of the most interesting stories I've read in a long time. Breaks the mold. Great job, keep it up.
3:45 pm | November 28, 2003
The rebirth of Chips Dubbo! I love it!

Not too choppy overall anyway. Good job.