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Comments for 'Galaxy 07 - Part 2 - Sanctuary'

1:44 am | May 6, 2004
Doesn't the kid kinda get a wee bit delirious and die with a sledding hallucination?
2:35 pm | November 15, 2003
I loved that book's wierd ending.
12:31 pm | November 15, 2003
i read the giver back in fifth grade
thought it was pretty good
i need to read it again
didnt really get it back then
11:19 pm | November 14, 2003
It would be like the giver, if only Captain Keyes had shared his snow sledding memories with John...damn you Keyes, you ruined it.
3:58 pm | November 14, 2003
In my stories - the girl saves the guy. Besides- do you really see Daxia sitting around waiting to be saved? She's the commander, he's just the soldier.
12:42 pm | November 14, 2003
She has that pseudo sarcastic demeanor to her characters that many men *I included* just can't pull off. You are freaks. Freaks I tell you. Damn you strange strange women.
12:36 pm | November 14, 2003
hmm...explains why yours is so much better than mine and some others :D
12:24 pm | November 14, 2003
12:22 pm | November 14, 2003
jillybean....are you really a girl?
12:15 pm | November 14, 2003
SOS.odin...I just wanted to point out that Jillybean is of the female type. Yeah.

*R Rated....*
Which gets more pleasure: the ear when it is scratched or the finger that does the scratching?
12:02 pm | November 14, 2003
I agree with Jillybean. This is PG 13 if that lol.

Anyways, its still a little bit confusing, but having a chapter with Daxia and John and Cortana in it helps more, because its easier to understand things then, than having characters like Tana that we've never seen before.
4:09 am | November 14, 2003
Breeding program...? Serrogate parents...? Sounds a whole lot like "The Giver" to me...

I suppose this isn't as contrictive, I mean they still have color vision and wht not.

*sigh* Looks like John's been a bit les restrained lately. Just please don't make this some trite/cliched/hackneyed Hero-saves-his-girl kind of story line. Those have gotten VERY boring over the last five or so years of my experience.
Captain Rasc
2:08 am | November 14, 2003
Well I have to agree with all the comments posted before me, and I also have this to say concerning your reply to my inquiry.

First of all I would like to say thanks. And I would also like to give you a way to (if you want) incorporate my character in the story: simply have someone (Aislinn or 'Tana would probably work best) on the colonized Halo. It's up to you, and if you do decide to do it, just remember that my character is a sort of shoot-first-and-never-ask-questions sort of guy and that he is fed up with the whole breeding program and what not.
1:27 am | November 14, 2003
Lol, was wondering who that was ;-)

Could've happened to anyone.
1:12 am | November 14, 2003
Ah, crap. I didn't mean to forget my name down there.
1:05 am | November 14, 2003
see, i KNEW chicks did more romantic stuff. hahah.
11:57 pm | November 13, 2003
If Daxia were dead she would have found it a little difficult to write the interlude in Halos and Rings ;)

And if you think this is R rated - you people need to see more ;)
11:33 pm | November 13, 2003
Very cool, once again. I like the part where John literally pushes himself up from doing pushups. It's a subtle reminder of how strong he really is.
Also, I have the feeling that Ishe 'Manatee is gonna become a really freakin cool character.
10:54 pm | November 13, 2003
haha R rated
gj wit the story man
ur one of my favs jillybean
you and mainevent and alpha and walker
Sergeant B
9:45 pm | November 13, 2003
I thought Daxia was DEAD?
9:36 pm | November 13, 2003
"And this sir is human attempts at love and the process of procreat" The monitor sputtered violently before crashing into the corrugated mettalic floor with a ching. John dropped the small remote he had fashioned with Cortana's help, for use against the smitten creatures. His disappearance from the networks would spark curiosity, but John didn't care.

Your starting to get R rated up in here, and about damn time. GO CHIEF!!
8:35 pm | November 13, 2003
Suppressed sexual drive....uh....uncheck?