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Comments for 'Galaxy 07 - Part 1'

Captain Rasc
4:27 am | November 13, 2003
Oh yeah, with your permission, I would like to write a story that parrallels your new series. As in, the character from my current story is o nthe colonized halo when the others activate. He becomes fed up with the whole system, and leaves the colony aboard a Longsword along with a couple of other malcontents. I think this would be a good idea, but I will only write it if I have your approval (ain't I just a gentleman?).
Captain Rasc
4:25 am | November 13, 2003
Very good. I loved your first series and hope this one turns out well too. I would appreciate it if you could look at my series, A Pilot's Life, and post your opinion.
Sergeant B
1:11 am | November 13, 2003
I second Mainevent...And really, really good Jillybean. DEEP!
7:43 pm | November 11, 2003
I dunno. It just seems to me that they seem to...weird. Inhuman almost. The breeding programs, while possible, just don't seem ....right. I dunno, I'll have to read the next one and see where you take it. I loved the last series, and you better make this one as damn good.
5:30 am | November 11, 2003
Cool! I'm glad to see that you got a sequel going already.
3:15 am | November 11, 2003
Wow, Jillybean...deep....and shaping up very nicely.

Consider me speechless...which is not something that happens often here.
2:28 am | November 11, 2003
Im glad you are making a sequel out of your story. I loved the first one and i was left with a lot of questions wondering what happened to Daxias sis and the other characters. Are you going to post this at FF.net also?