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Comments for 'An HBO Halloween'

that guy over there who smiles just a bit too wide...
5:48 am | November 4, 2003
nice story, very polished, but it could have had more of ME in it. yes, that would have made it an instant bestseller.
2:17 am | November 4, 2003
I shoudl start posting on the forums just so I can get included in these... I can't believe I haven't pissed enough people off to get in these fanfics, though actually, when my second reign of terror was nearing it's peak over the indent crisis I did have a fanfic written about nothing but my evil reigh. A very Foul Mood I believe it was called. Actually not a half bad fanfic...
3:29 pm | November 3, 2003
I do have an idea for another one - but I'm not sure about it's . . . suitability.

Besides - there's a bandwagon now, and I don't like jumping on what I helped Michael M set rolling.
4:45 am | November 3, 2003
Haha, you just made my day. I guess I should probably start going to the forum and stuff... help stamp out da flugg and all...

BUT NO! My home work comes to eat me! Yes it does! Oh god, I can still hear them... Physics....Chemistry...Creative writing...English...Social Studies....JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!

*nervous break down*

errr...nice story, I would be honored to be in your next one....not in a tutu, though...
4:34 am | November 3, 2003
That was funny. A good laugh. Nice job Jillybean.
12:31 pm | November 1, 2003
Oh yeah I made it into the story!!!

nicely done jilly it must have took days to finish it.
10:21 pm | October 31, 2003
*Slowly hides his tutu*

*Looks around to make sure he is in the clear*

Tsk tsk Louis, you and your tutu. AND BTW: If you read this Louis, kick the name thief. PCE!!

Love the story.
9:11 pm | October 31, 2003
I ment louis
8:42 pm | October 31, 2003
(shivers) the story of little Louise is gonna give me nightmares. Bosses in Halo 2? A very scary thought.

Nice story Jillybean. All three were great, but BOLL and the hacked x-box was the most impressive. That must have taken HOURS to do, and it was really good. I'm surprised you never used the Flood..........
4:57 pm | October 31, 2003
Im in for the next Halo-ween or Halo-mas special! lolz this was good, next time put in more peeps like me lolz....
1:12 pm | October 31, 2003
You speak true words of the noobs. I'm not a forum-goer, but I've seen plenty of that kinda stuff elsewhere and it's pretty funny to see how they think they're smart, unless it's directed towards you. Da flugg. Heh heh.

Semper Fi

4:47 am | October 31, 2003
Such beautiful *sniff* writing *sniff.* I promised I wouldn't cry.
Simpsons Rule
4:05 am | October 31, 2003
Hehe, I got killed off ;) Nice story. I made images to go along with the story a few days ago if anyone hasn't seen: http://carnage.bungie.org/haloforum/halo.forum.pl?read=318294
4:05 am | October 31, 2003
I'm the devil :X Cool.

3:26 am | October 31, 2003
3:24 am | October 31, 2003
And all I do is go haul logs for Ross?

Lol man, good job!
3:22 am | October 31, 2003
too bad i didn't ask for me to be put in it...oh well, good job
Break Point
3:20 am | October 31, 2003
What about me?

Good story though
3:11 am | October 31, 2003
A fitting Halo-ween story from the infamous Jillybean. Yes a story from that Island over there where people talk with those funny accents and they put rubbers on the end of every pencil.

The ending scared the Dickens out of me, dark and deep words, I must be careful what I say and do for it might be true. Never mess with the HBO Protector or who knows what could happen.

"It is very natural for a Protector to play Admin, no matter what his species. Then Louis Wu boiled Wado's Fan Fic away, banning the infidel poster's IP. That kind of hubris can be habit forming: Louis made a promise only an Admin can make."

Louis makes it clear who wears the tutu around here.
3:06 am | October 31, 2003
I liked the halloween theme, it was a good change of pace. I hesitate to give it a score because I don't think that was the purpose of this story. But whatever, it was great.
2:53 am | October 31, 2003