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Comments for 'The Point of No Return [H&R 16]'

10:23 pm | October 23, 2003
Sarge is an old timer here Sergeant B. He can be an excellent reviewer too as well as an author:


Well if this is really the same Sarge. I even dedicated a chapter in SOA2 to him (and a few others).
9:56 pm | October 23, 2003
Hey Sergeant B - I would join but I'd be pretty useless, I don't have the time to spend on another forum right now and with no Halo PC or XBL I'm otherwise pretty useless :(
Sergeant B
7:23 pm | October 23, 2003
Who's SARGE? I'm the Sergeant here! Good Jillybean! Really good. And would anyone like to join Raider's Company at seventh collumn?
4:05 pm | October 23, 2003
Nice job Jilly! Keep up the great work.
10:39 am | October 23, 2003
*falls in love with Jillybean*
9:21 am | October 23, 2003
Wow that was excellent I enjoyed reading that probably more than the Halo The Flood book keep it up very good story!