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Comments for 'Crazy Cowboy [H&R 14]'

8:49 pm | October 18, 2003
Ahhh - back from a luxurious cruise of the Carribean . . . to a shitload of 'please sir, can we have some more?' Lol! But I love you guys for it

And more makeout scenes? And here I was trying to tone down the romance for the boys ;)
Yo Yo
1:21 pm | October 12, 2003
Damn Hawk7886...you dot dissed...lol
Alpha Lance
4:42 pm | October 11, 2003
This is not like you, usauly your stoties are long. But still, you got one kickass series going, so keep it up.
3:48 am | October 11, 2003
1:21 am | October 11, 2003
It's okay son, it'll grow when you hit puberty.
10:03 pm | October 10, 2003
*Whiney Voice* It's too shorrrrttt :)

I want more. I want more. I want more. I want more . . .
8:54 pm | October 10, 2003
Brains over brawn...

Lol the MC could kick a Spartan 3's ass anyday, but I'm beginning to see a rebellion forming...

And I won't be surprised if the Spartan 3's act like Marines on legendary and kill more of themselves than Covenant, but whatever.

Btw, there needs to be another makeout scene between MC and Daxia lol