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Comments for 'Taking the High Road [H&R 13]'

7:17 pm | October 10, 2003
And, I may add, was submitted to Just One of Those Days.But whatever, what I wanted to say is that you could make a movie or best selling novel on this for sure, but the last part of this chapter didnt quite make sense.
4:26 am | October 7, 2003
Jeez, I love this! You could make a movie with this!

*in a sing-song voice* I found an error . . . "DAxia"

The Warthog race was fun, so was the board game. Could you really make a board and play the game they were playing, 'cause it sounds like fun.

4:17 am | October 7, 2003
Just read through this one quickly. So many stories to read, not enough time right now. Anyway, I saw you requested to join "Just One of those Days." That's excellent.

Oh and this story did a lot and still managed to keep the dialog up to excellent standards. Nice job.