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Comments for 'Home Is Where The Halo Is [H&R12]'

5:18 pm | October 3, 2003
Jillybean? Where art thou, Jillybean?

Just thought I would invite you to visit and perhaps partake as a member at http://www.bungie.net/perlbin/blam.pl?file=/fanclub/7186
8:18 pm | October 2, 2003
Colonizing a Halo, excellent ideas Jilly. Nice.

For the life of me, however, I still have problems with stories that don't have a 26th century assault force dressed in full environmentally sealed armor. Oh well, I also don't get why Grunts sniff the air when they are wearing that methane rebreather.

Keep it up Jilly, nice ideas, but maybe a bit rushed. Take care.
Alpha Lance
7:32 pm | October 2, 2003
Your right Jill about the transportion thing. In the game or book, which ever, Cortana or someone said that 343GS travels through Halo by like this little routs under Halo, HELL! Something like that. Besides, I let one of my friends barrow my Halo: The Flood, so I can't use it as refrence. But like always, good story; can't wait for the next chapter.
3:05 pm | October 2, 2003
Actually - the Monitors transportation system relied on the Halo itself - apart from the Halo he had no abilities to transport. I think . . .
11:17 am | October 2, 2003
How could they seal the moniter in an empty rocket if he could just teleport away from in it...whatever, good story.
Sergeant B
10:39 am | October 2, 2003
lala!lala! Pretty good!!!uhhuhur!
1:08 am | October 1, 2003
I likes it a lot.

It's like, the thing, where I enjoy it, but it's different.