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Comments for 'The Cortana Run [H&R 10]'

12:32 am | September 27, 2003
I've read the whole series and they rocked ass!!!!

lol, 343 being the devil....
1:48 am | September 25, 2003
Got 'runner?
Sergeant B
1:26 am | September 25, 2003
Cool man. Keep it up.
Alpha Lance
8:36 pm | September 24, 2003
Nice, I love your series, and I want to see more from you.
6:52 pm | September 24, 2003
Nice going Jilly. This one was good and long but believe it or not, it felt a little more rushed than the others because so much happened.

Ending the story with the MC dying, hearing the voice of 343 GS would have been a nice place to end this chapter.

Anyway, keep up the excellent work.
4:39 pm | September 24, 2003
Awww thanks, but trust me, I get used to it ;)

And did you like that bit? I wondered if it was a bit too severe, but I think that a traitor would possibly be John's version of Satan so . . . I kept it in. Glad you liked it.
4:17 pm | September 24, 2003
It really sickens me that more people don't read your stories. Anyway, I really liked this one and the whole series. The chief last words as he puts the plasma grenade on the traitor are classic. Really I have no criticism, just keep it up.