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Comments for 'The Story of an Artist'

5:54 pm | May 4, 2004
Nice...this actually made me laugh, which is very hard to do. Congrats.
11:22 am | May 3, 2004
Hehe, who ever thought :)
7:19 am | May 3, 2004
At least the bit about Pico was true. Me and Hik only got his Shmolex watch! *runs, fearing reprisal from Pico*
5:04 pm | May 2, 2004
Happy (belated) birthday, Stuntmutt! Remember, that's one more behind and one less ahead!

Outstanding work, Jillybean. 10/10
4:30 am | May 2, 2004
Mainevent, you sound like a famous guy.
MC's Couin
12:03 am | May 2, 2004
Well, it might have helped had I posted the adress huh?

*MCC slaps himseld repeatedly*


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MC's Cousin
12:00 am | May 2, 2004
Hey, soory about this short personal spamming, but...

I just kinda went and made an emial adress for anyone here at HBO that:
a) has a bone to pick with me
b) wants to tell me what an incredibly great person I am
c) speak to me about random FF "stuff"

hmm...pretty sad when you spin off an email adress just for Halo Fan Fiction...
Well, I can pay for that many actual personal adresses you know.

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Nick Kang
4:03 pm | May 1, 2004
very touching...


Nick Kang
4:03 pm | May 1, 2004
very touching...


11:00 am | May 1, 2004
heh! Love it!

Extrodinary story of a common street hack who came to become... an HBO Artist Hack! lol, j/k Stuntmutt.

- H_K
Thomas Harper
1:05 am | May 1, 2004
hey wasup my halo peps!

srry i havent posted in a while, ive been caught up in scool and stuff and i havent had much time to write. nice to see u all around. cya!

expect my next post sometime soon!:)
10:14 pm | April 30, 2004
Um... happy birthday. I had know idea that's how things came about. Jilly, thanks for the inside info...
9:50 pm | April 30, 2004
All true? Heh. That was better than a comic. ;)
9:12 pm | April 30, 2004
Heh! So you found a way to get your name in a fanfic news post...

It's all true.
MC's Cousin
8:47 pm | April 30, 2004
I feel for Stuntmutt.

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