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Comments for 'Galaxy 08 - Part Nine - Preservation'

6:59 am | May 4, 2004
you realise that this is Galaxy "8", not 7 as usual. and great story. how longhas t been going??? its VERY good though
The Silver Spartan
12:35 pm | February 22, 2004
I LOVE your FanFic! You are definatly the best writer on HBO. Your stories are so different than the usual MC kills Covies type story that is so common in FanFic, you really have a great perspective JB! I hope my stories will someday be half as good as yours!

What is the name of your novel and what is it about? I WILL buy it as soon as it is released, or if it is already out, as soon as I can get my hands on a copy!

*Waits for part 10 anxiously*
CoLd BlooDed
4:32 am | February 12, 2004
Good, very good. I love the way you describe the characters and their actions. It was great!

Keep it up, Jillybean, and I'll try and figure out the storyline as more chapters come out. :D
10:45 pm | February 9, 2004
Oooh My Gosh! Wow - when you said you were building to something you weren't kidding!
This series just gets better and better :)
10:05 pm | February 9, 2004
Buiding to something? I hate these anti-Cortana theories, so you'd better be quick about it. ;-)

*hint, hint*

I mean come on! Good stuff, but so short!
7:14 pm | February 9, 2004
Woo! ::first comment dance::
Anyways. I wanna see where this is gonna go.