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Comments for 'Galaxy 07 - Part 8 - Family'

1:57 am | January 15, 2004
WHat, kill the chief off like Wado and bring him back? Sure! Just do it well...and with pazaz (if I spelled that right)...and originality...not easy to do.

Very good. I likes this plot very much. 95/100
Lt Devon
5:30 am | January 14, 2004
Great! Personally I think we should go to war with the forerunner! Guerilla war of course.
I also think that the Chief should not die.
5:03 am | January 14, 2004
Interesting how the chief was never told about the synapse damage that he's taking, but still figured out what's going on. Says alot about how much brainpower he still has going for him, neh?
3:36 am | January 14, 2004

GOod my ass.

THIS was great! A little slow, but the story of the Chief gets deeper, and deeper...

::falls asleep::
8:19 pm | January 13, 2004
Lol what was that old movie preview line? Action, romance, desire?

Oh well, took a LONG time but still good Jilly.