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Comments for 'Shadow'

3:56 am | April 14, 2002
Whoops. I mean I'm NOT* degrading the poem. Yeah, I figured when I made the first post it would sound like I'm condemning my own piece, but I'm trying to let people in on a little something called the idea of "little." Someone who reads "Legion" will probably think "Why doesn't he use the same style of writing in this poem that he sued in his other poems." Basically, I'm trying to pre-defend myself. Lol. Screwed up, really.
3:54 am | April 14, 2002
No, I'm degrading the poem. I'm merely stating that simplicity owns, and if anyone wants to say it's a cheap one-liner, they can rot.
1:15 am | April 14, 2002
Yea, I got ya. So why did you name it shadow?
4:39 pm | April 13, 2002
I purposely used an "amateur" line in this little piece because of simplicity. Alot of people don't realize that simplicity works, and it adds a light touch to it. I'm telling this to anyone who reads this so that they don't think that I think "cold as ice, twice as nice, but not with life," is the coolest fuckin' rhyme in the world. It isn't. But it's simple. Lol. Anyone understand what I'm saying?