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Comments for 'Order of the Seraphim Chapter 4'

3:57 pm | July 18, 2002
This is nice, Jehkoh.
8:00 pm | July 11, 2002
A little late, but... HEY! No Nebraska in this one? Now I'm hurt...
2:56 pm | July 8, 2002
Very cool.
ATM Machine103
7:28 pm | July 7, 2002
I agree with Vector40. Detail is good, but more visual description. A great story.
3:16 pm | July 6, 2002
i know where you got the name gwydion from a book called the book of three or better known as the Prydain chronicles or series or something
5:13 pm | July 4, 2002
I understand what each of you mean. Dully noted, and shall be corrected in the future.
5:06 am | July 4, 2002

Wow. Great work :)

The detail is great. Knightmare's right, it could maybe use a tad more visual description, but on whole, very good.

You gotta write more, man :) We're all hungry for it.


4:24 am | July 4, 2002
i like how you describe the combat moves of the charracters, the earlier ones in the story.
Knightmare Wolf
1:51 am | July 4, 2002
not to the people, but to the surroundings!
Knightmare Wolf
1:48 am | July 4, 2002
Very nice! Great job, your story had very few to no errors, maybe some more description? MAybe i'm wrong, but you never know