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Comments for 'Order of the Seraphim'

1:09 am | March 16, 2002
Hey, I'll give any story that mentions Nebraska a good review. Great story!
7:59 pm | March 15, 2002
A very nice piece of work
2:08 am | March 15, 2002
Damn thing.

I must watch where I sit.

5:53 am | March 14, 2002
Allrighty. Mega-Cool. I have personally told you this many a times before, but you know. Comments are great! :D But -twitch- That 'V' dude like.. has a twig up his ass or something.
2:37 am | March 13, 2002

You also mentioned proton torpedoes for some reason :)

And there's not really any reason to keep telling us the date, time, place, etc., since it's all essentially one battle.

Don't think that you have to crowd every possible flavor of Halo you can into a story - concentrate on writing them well, not force-feeding us unnecessary components.

But otherwise, very nice. Keep it up.


1:52 am | March 13, 2002
Guy The ManMoose Thing (not my name)
11:37 pm | March 12, 2002
11:10 pm | March 12, 2002
The best fan fiction I've read yet, please make it a LONG serious, and update it often!!! I'm dying to read more!
10:41 pm | March 12, 2002
REally good, a Continuation would be really cool
6:26 pm | March 12, 2002
I realize the battle scene lacked some valuable assets, such as Ghosts, Jackals, Hunters, Wraith tanks, and Scorpions. Also, I made (as far as I know) three grammatical mistakes in the story, one of them being a typo. Please enjoy the story, however.
6:26 pm | March 12, 2002
I know this story lacks some valueable assets in the battle scene, such as Jackals, Hunters, Wraith Tanks, and Scorpions. I also (as far as I know) made three mistakes... on a typo. I hope you enjoy the story, though.