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Comments for 'Death of a Soldier'

7:27 am | March 17, 2002
Then it would definitely help to play the game :)

Unless you're a practicing Zen master.

6:02 am | March 17, 2002
I'v never had a problem with visualization in the past, but that's because I had a firm foothold in whatever subject I was writing about, such as Greek mythology. But here, it's different. I'll just have to train my mind into the whole Covenant-Human War setting.
4:54 am | March 17, 2002

Heh... Your English teacher? Wow... I can see it now... The Fall of Reach, required reading for the class :)

Let me know if she says anything disparaging.

Yeah, the "image" problem is a thing a lot of people have trouble with... on the other hand, people often write about things that they've NEVER seen or experienced (an obvious example around here being war), so it can be overcome... the key is visualization. It's never easy, of course, but it is doable. Practice, practice, etc.

4:02 am | March 17, 2002
I've written alot in that form but the only problem is... I haven't played the game in so long I have no graphic aid in my head to write about, nor do I have the book to use a reference on certain things because I'm letting my English teacher borrow it. But thank you much, man. I e-mailed you so expect that by tomorrow.-Joshua
3:42 am | March 17, 2002


Very nice, man - you finally managed to do what all the other poems have been trying to.

Language is a little simple, but it works... great :)



5:33 pm | March 16, 2002
very good....keep em coming...