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Comments for 'ONI Black Operations Part 2'

3:50 pm | May 2, 2003
I did read it over, but parts were from a couple months ago and the end was from the last few days, i am a good essay and story writer i just need to focus
Arthur Wellesly
12:16 pm | May 2, 2003
Yes, the grammar was a little off, but nevertheless I enjoyed reading it. 8/10 as well for me. Just read it over next time.
11:45 am | May 2, 2003
Thanks, i haven't written fan fics in a while so im trying to get my organization back in to play but its gonna get more interesting as it goes on
10:19 am | May 2, 2003
I always start off with bad grammer before i getinto the swing of things, take my first series i ever wrote it sucked and then it eventually got better
Agent Shade
1:32 am | May 2, 2003
yeah really dude, welcome back...grammar, it was pretty comical in some parts, keep it up, 8/10
10:44 pm | May 1, 2003
8/10 It hurt even reading the grammer but it did have a funny parts in it.
James Kinsella
9:43 pm | May 1, 2003
Pretty good, but the grammar sucked. I hope you work on that next time.