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Comments for 'Titan - Chapter 4'

3:59 am | August 23, 2002
wow jay. that was the best one yet. It all seems so much more realistic now.
2:02 am | August 23, 2002
eh you dont have to listen to me, because im didnt read your other ones, so i probably wont read the next, considering i dont wanna go back and read the old ones :( sorry.
3:03 am | August 22, 2002
lol ok i'll work on that little thing, so i don't get these comments again
1:28 am | August 22, 2002
umm Jay, im still noticeing the whole paragraphing thing on the talking.(i.e. "hi" "oh hello" "I wasnt talking to you" "DIE!" "me?" "no" "who" "Where" "am I the only one confused???") I know I could read it if I tried, but I know you have the talent and inteligence(sp) to make the story easy for the reader to read. Btw, is that the James from the Ibonk forums? good story im sure it was though Jay.
12:43 am | August 22, 2002
looking good jay, sorry i havent commented on the others, really lookin good heh you and shadow man the best ones... only ones i read im gonna post my new series very soon
12:18 am | August 22, 2002
Thanks for your comment, anyone else have some. Thx
12:02 am | August 22, 2002
Oooooo, very interesting story you have there Jay. VERY interesting. It makes me want to go back and read your other chapters. Actually, I think I will!