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Comments for 'Elevator'

2:35 am | October 8, 2001
Working on it.
10:55 pm | October 7, 2001
Loved it, kinda short though, REALLY hopeing there's a continuation.(FYI, the IP mentioned doesn't resolve to that hostname, but I can dream right?)
11:29 am | October 7, 2001
damn this one got me all sprawling for more can the autor gimi a date for the next one ? cant wait this is one of the really good ones no doubt about it.
10:57 pm | October 5, 2001
Er, stellar, I mean.::slaps cerebral cortex::
10:57 pm | October 5, 2001
Eh-heh-heh. Jasper returns.As usual, steller work.
Mr. Bill. Jr. V
3:27 pm | October 5, 2001
Hey pretty good. Very tense. I liked the added homour. (They should like our two stories together [Escape] as they seem to be rather simmailr, eh?) All around a great story that makes and excellent introduction to Halo.