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Comments for 'A Final Shot - Part 1'

Alpha Lance
5:08 am | July 27, 2003
Ah Yeah????????????????????????????????????????
7:30 pm | July 18, 2003
seems like there is more then 1 of me after all good peice, rerad mine Unexpected Surprises
5:04 pm | July 17, 2003
Thanks for the feedback. Glad you all liked it so far. As for the suit taken a tank shell, I also said that the cov has some new technology and I was gonna use that as a ref for when something does break through the suit.
Silent Assassin
3:16 pm | July 17, 2003
A suit that can stop a tank shell? Still, very promising, keep writing.
2:15 pm | July 17, 2003
Solider.HHAAA! Very good 9/10
1:51 pm | July 17, 2003
Looks like this series is gonna be very promising. I haven't seen one that was in the form of a play script in a while. Nice.