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Comments for 'A John Before Halo: Defense (Part 12)'

8:15 pm | October 16, 2003
i made it short for a reason, you see this chapter is called a bridger, which means a short event bridging 2 major events like, the death and ressurection to the capture. i was planni9ng on john in capitivity. well basing a chapter on it. and i proise that part 13 johns escape will be long and i made it suck for a reason. also note that the rest of johns sqaud is also in captivity. im sorry i made it short but i needed an event that was short. m'kay....
javier fernandez-vina
6:39 pm | October 16, 2003
I've been reading fics in this site for less than a week but i have noticed something.Some of them are just too short, which really pissed me off.Sometimes you could fit 2 of the short ones into longer fics.Next time spend 15 minutes more on the writing, it's all it takes.
Alpha Lance
8:06 pm | October 15, 2003
THis was much better, and I love this story except on thing. ITS TO SHORT! But still, I have to give you a 9.8/10. Like always, can't wait for the next amigo!