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Comments for 'A John Before Halo: Part 4'

3:32 pm | July 30, 2003
Hey riot I made a another case at part 5 why dont u see it, u cock bite?
2:40 pm | July 30, 2003
terrible. just terrible.
11:38 am | July 29, 2003
part 5 is out tell me wat u think, thx
11:38 am | July 29, 2003
yes alpha, there is a book, called ht fall of reach, but this isn't about john, this is about Johns grandfather or great gf, m'kay.
Alpha Lance
9:18 pm | July 27, 2003
An't there a book already out about John berfore
Halo.I belive its called The Falls of Reach.But
I have to give you credit where its do,five stars.
1:41 am | July 27, 2003
Bullets flying everywhere and bodies dropping. Full of action and suspense. A thriller-action story line to make everyone feel a united cause to kick some serious a** with the beloved UNSC!
Rambo HALO
11:33 am | July 26, 2003
Its awsome!keep uo the good work,man!!!
12:56 am | July 26, 2003
thx for that Rambo, and H.K., did anyone notice the typo in it, where in the part where it says a marine cut his own leg off, I meant a Rebel, lol, stupid keyboard.
4:26 pm | July 25, 2003
I thought the last one was good. This ones better.