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Comments for 'Haven: Chapter 1 - Something to Fight For'

Fleet Admiral
8:08 pm | July 22, 2003
Great story, can't wait for the next one.
Cultivated Human
12:34 am | July 13, 2002
8:11 pm | July 7, 2002
jAY10's right on that one.
Archangels Blade
8:31 pm | July 5, 2002
You'd better hurry up. Everyone probably forgot about you by now. Post some comments on newer fanfics, get yourself recognized. They'll remember you pretty quickly from there on in.
6:16 pm | July 2, 2002
Really busy have next story mostly thought out it'll take about 30 minutes to write
9:47 pm | June 30, 2002
taking a little long aren't you?
Spartan III
3:54 am | June 21, 2002
This was a great story. I'm totally gonna read your next chapter.
7:03 pm | June 18, 2002
Internet isn't really very "gettable" in European hotels so i#ll probbably have to post in like a week or 2,i don't know.
Archangels Blade
11:22 am | June 18, 2002
It's all good. Just remember to write that out on your spare time, and send it in asap.
Archangels Blade
10:30 pm | June 17, 2002
Wait a minute. Monday? That's when im leaving for my fly-in fishing trip with my dad and brother! Damn, im gonna have to read it about five days after posting! Shit! I hate that!
5:22 pm | June 16, 2002
Sorry y'all I don't think i can have the next chapter out until next Monday, I'm gonna be gone all this week, but i may be able to have it out before tonight.
Archangels Blade
11:35 am | June 16, 2002
My next part was just submitted. Now it's time to sit back and wait...Hope people enjoy it.Hey Ice, email me sometime, maybe we could supply eachother with ideas! Same goes for you too Spartan415!
Potato Flood
11:27 am | June 16, 2002
.......nice... now time to suck potato!
2:49 am | June 16, 2002
I'm trying to get an idea for a battle on haven and I might have an idea so I'm gonna start on sunday June 16.
2:42 am | June 16, 2002
your in luck, my dads taking his laptop so you'll be seeing stories throughout the week
2:18 am | June 16, 2002
I'll tell you some ideas after I read your new chapter but I might not be writing a few chapters for the time being since i'm going to Europe for like 3 weeks so I might not get to send in anything unless my dad takes his laptop and I write them and submit them on it.
Archangels Blade
5:40 pm | June 15, 2002
Okay, age doesn't matter, as we all have pretty good series coming along! Just chill, and we'll all make it through the submissions alive! Keep the chapters coming guys!
Archangels Blade
11:27 am | June 15, 2002
Don't worry too much about the grammar for now. That comes after you have the story done. And dont' worry about your age. Im only 14. Once you get some ideas, write 'em down so you don't forget them, and put them in later. Post your next part asap so you don't leave your fans in suspense so long they give up on you. Those are pretty much the only tips i have.
8:20 pm | June 14, 2002
exactly, don't worry about your grammer i'm only 11
4:44 pm | June 14, 2002
Archangels Blade
3:48 pm | June 14, 2002
Don't worry about how many days it takes, just as long as it takes a week or less. I will be trying to get Ascendant part V in tonight, if i can. Ice, relax you only posted this about two days ago. You still have time!
3:00 pm | June 14, 2002
Have to go to work... I usually write late, but i can have the second part done in one or two days,or tonite if I bust my butt.
10:24 pm | June 13, 2002
The thing is I'm only thirteen so cut me some slack.
10:21 pm | June 13, 2002
Oh, ok my grammar is bad, sorry.
10:08 pm | June 13, 2002
one that was connected with another and the 2nd was just like a no punctuation
8:45 pm | June 13, 2002
I havn't actually got to read the latest few chapters of Ascendant but i will when i get the time
5:51 pm | June 13, 2002
Havn't got to actually start writing on the next insertion but i have the idea.
Archangels Blade
4:17 pm | June 13, 2002
VERY nice for a first time! Sounds like another series, i think (*cough* Ascendant *Cough*). It's awesome! get that next chapter out soon!!
11:24 am | June 13, 2002
great start, look forward to your next chapter
3:30 am | June 13, 2002
What were they?
2:09 am | June 13, 2002
Hehe, was alot short of creative names...
2:04 am | June 13, 2002
good job, i saw two mistakes but weren't very visible. Looking forward to the next one.
no one
7:24 pm | June 12, 2002
Is Bill Mills realllly Russian? His name sure doesn't sound Russian. Good story anyway.
6:32 pm | June 12, 2002
Alot of the indentions I had are gone, must be the HBO format lol.
6:32 pm | June 12, 2002
Thanks Jaywhit.
6:25 pm | June 12, 2002
Good job, no mistakes i can see. I can't wait to read your next one. Keep It Up