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Comments for 'XP-42: Part one: Introduction'

1:00 pm | March 18, 2003
A good concept, but critically flawed. Sentinels have no emmotion and no slang "oh boy, the flood are out.". They are emotionless robots, and flaws the concept. However, sometimes little sacrafices from logic have to be made to make a fanfic. But the fanfic wasn't written with any particular distinction either... Not bad, but not particularly good.
1:36 am | March 18, 2003
Definitly original keep them coming!
12:33 pm | March 17, 2003
Yes it was definitly interesting, using a sentinel as the main character. I thought a little more detail and description would have been pretty good. You could have also turned the sentinel combat into miniature weird dogfights. That definitley would have been interesting! Keep it up, i like the sentinel perspective...
8:06 am | March 17, 2003
Yes, I am aware of the problem with detail. IF there's a next part, and that's a big IF, this will be dealt with. Personally, looking back I can't see why I wrote this stuff really. I'm probably going to abandon the series and work on something nore conventional.
2:42 am | March 17, 2003
Well I give you props for originality.