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Comments for 'A Fighting Chance'

Howard The Duck
3:24 pm | December 24, 2003
I had another dream. Too bad I can't use it for a sequal though.
11:33 pm | December 21, 2003
Hey, it's nothing big, and I apologize if I've put any pressure on you. Rushed stories created under pressure=stories that could have been better.

Hope to see another of your stories around here.
Howard the Duck
11:10 pm | December 18, 2003
Sorry, I didn't mean to put it like that.
1:32 pm | December 18, 2003
I just ment that this story was really, really good, a sequel is not demanded(but a new story from you is).
Howard the Duck
6:02 pm | December 17, 2003
In response to Awacar:

I can't just sit down and write a sequal. Why you ask? Because the original was based on a dream I had.

I was the Master Chief. I was standing at the top of a winding set of stairs looking down at two Jackals. I jumped off and crushed one and beat up the other. I looked for their plasma pistols, but they had none. Then I looked down a long hall with marble floors, paintings and statues and saw a mortar tank.

This doesn't bear quite the same as the story though. I used the dream as a base and added on, edited and brainstormed until I had it refined down to the story I posted.

Unless I have another dream to lay the foundation for a sequal, you're SOL.
2:32 pm | December 17, 2003
Good side of me says: "Keep it coming! Keep it Coming!"

Evil side of me says: "Write more, or else..." while holding the edge of a knife to the computer screen.

Lazy side of me says: "Fantastic!"
3:04 pm | December 16, 2003
Well you did an excellent job...Welcome to the world of Fan Fiction.
Howard The Duck
1:07 pm | December 16, 2003
Thank you all for the positive feed back. This was my first attempt at writing any type of story.
2:03 am | December 16, 2003
That was a good and original story, good job, 10/10
1:39 am | December 16, 2003
Not bad at all. Use the pseudocode next time, and it'll be great.
1:23 am | December 16, 2003
Whoa man! That was one kick ass fic! (pardon my french) I liked it alot...Keep this up! 10/10