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Comments for 'Viper Squadron Chapter 1'

10:08 pm | September 15, 2002
yah dude this series isn't bad
2:49 pm | September 15, 2002
oh yeah, post your name whoever the hell BOOOOOOO is so i can beat the living shit out of you. if you would have bothered to read the note i left at the beginning of the story, you would see i wasn't copying Wings of Death. i had started the story about a month ago. so fuck you!
2:49 pm | September 15, 2002
quit posting your gay comments with my name. so you dont like it. so i wont write another chapter. so what?
11:53 am | September 15, 2002
ok yes im gay...so what?
11:45 am | September 15, 2002
btw I'm talking about something I put in the post/coments thing, so EVERYONE READ IT DAMNIT!
11:40 am | September 15, 2002
never continue this story EVER it sucks so hard. and el_halo_diablo has it happening, he is an awsome writer don't copy him. Homo
11:40 am | September 15, 2002
I hope no one just looked at Cry for a Hero part 10, cause I meant what I said on the thing I just wrote. It's on the second page if anyone wants to read it. I just submitted it there.
9:30 pm | September 13, 2002
ok Helljumper, I'll let you slide.
7:48 pm | September 13, 2002
Uh my friend I don't know what to say. I myself cannot write air battles so I am in no place to criticize or praise you.