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Comments for 'HALO: Missing In Action - Prologue to Chapter 3'

12:33 pm | November 24, 2003
I dont like it.
11:33 pm | January 17, 2003
Okay Locke thanks...er sort of. Never thought of telepathy though...
10:30 pm | January 17, 2003
Whoops, it didn't put the sings in the comment. I was talking about the triangle sings that i use in place of quotes in my fanfic when the Forerunner talk.
10:30 pm | January 17, 2003
Oh yeah, when these sings: are around a text, it means the character is speaking telepatheticly. You shoudl know that.
10:25 pm | January 17, 2003
From what i have read so far very good. I like how you decided to make a compainion to the HALO story like i decided to make a prequel to fall of Reach. Most people prefer HALO sequels but we both had good ideas.
12:44 pm | January 11, 2003
Thanx for input. If you think that's long though you should read my first story I've written. It's 345 pages in size 12 font! Continue input and reading what I send in. Thanks again.
7:39 am | January 4, 2003
I liked it. Good detail and development of characters. It was a little long, but that's not entirely a bad thing.
3:02 am | January 4, 2003
Thanks for the feedback, but I on purposely did what I did. HALO:Missing In Action is supposed to be a side story. Heck a story that doesn't involve any of the main characters at all. That was my point. To make a Halo story through the eyes of some lost and confused soldiers on the terrain oh Halo. Oh yeah on your people would rather play the story than re-read it you are wrong. Re-reading it isn't so bad if you are bored or want a different view on things like I have done.
1:41 am | December 18, 2002
Maybe a more catchy title would help. Um not bad, not completely original either, but well written.

"Excuse me sir," Roberts asked," but what is a SPARTAN?"

"Why the most elite soldier the U.N.S.C. has. They wear some sort of green armored suit. I believe they have shields or something like that integrated into the suit. They are the one thing you want to see in a bad situation. They are our super soldiers."

This here was a little weak regarding dialogue and fyi "REACH" isnt an acronym. But i like ur diction overall, mostly in the prologue. only suggestion: if ur going to follow the game storyline for even an instant, better throuw in ur own touch too. ppl would rather play the storyline than reread it.