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Comments for 'The Fallen: Halo 2- Chapter 6 Section 3: Claiming Territory'

8:08 pm | January 4, 2004
It's okay. I'm glad to see people wanting to read my work. But I've been so busy with alot of things around home. Mainly with dying grandparents, christmas, homework that I should done along time ago, Halo theories that pop up into my head that need writing,...you get the picture.
Blue Dude
5:08 am | January 4, 2004
Alright i cant wait to.Sorry bout bugging ya but i wanna read it so bad
6:18 pm | January 3, 2004
Yeah. Acually I just got done with the majority. Need some clean up, add a few details, and she's out to be posted!
Blue Dude
9:45 pm | January 2, 2004
damn taking a long time
1:57 pm | December 26, 2003
I wasn't able to finish the story Christmas day. I'm close to being done though. As long as my mom doesn't bug me after work in an hour I can post it up either by tonight or tommorow afternoon. Making it a Sunday or Monday release. Just hang on guys almost there!
Blue Dude
12:13 pm | December 26, 2003
haha sorry if i bugged ya and Merry Christmas.
3:42 am | December 25, 2003
Hold on man! I've been really working hard around the house lately and have only gotten in a little bit of time on the writing. I'm about half way done with it right now. Fortunately I have all of Christmas day to work on it, so PLEASE be patient everyone. I'm submitting it the very second I am done with it. So you'll get it when it's done...just like the real Halo 2.
Blue Dude
6:02 pm | December 24, 2003
Hurry up.Im gettin bored with nothing to read
2:01 pm | December 17, 2003
I've worked on the next section and it is about half way done now. I'm hoping to get it out as soon as possible. Count on it around Christmas. Plus now that I've got internet access at home i can post when I'm done instead of waiting to get to another PC.
1:39 pm | December 15, 2003
Okay first off thanks for the nice comments from everyone. Second, FOrunnER be patient. They'll be coming back along with a few other guests. Things are going to start to get very interesting. Also take note. And just to clear things up every chapter I write is the equivalent to a level in Halo 2. That's why some characters don't show up for a while.
7:30 pm | December 14, 2003
Pretty good story with some originall elemets. But one thing, the 'Stalkers' were Covenant? Just wanted to clear that up, I thought there were but it was kind of unclear. Second, this is just more of an observation/suggestion, I think that 049 Innocent Flame and the Sentinals should reappear soon, since they havn't in a long time. Good story, 9.5/10, keep it up.
Blue Dude
2:35 pm | December 14, 2003
hurry up and get the next one out
Blue Dude
6:15 am | December 14, 2003
Awesome story.Liked this one alot.
6:22 pm | December 13, 2003
i cant wait until the next part comes out. the was an awsome story!!!!!!!!!!
6:09 pm | December 13, 2003
sweet, long wait but it damn good