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Comments for 'The Fallen: Halo 2 Chp 6 Sect 2 Just Passing By'

2:44 am | December 13, 2003
his next part is comin soon, OH YEA!!!!!
2:42 am | December 13, 2003
yummy!!!!!! best series ever 9.999999999/10
Blue Dude
9:29 pm | December 11, 2003
It been a week!
9:51 pm | December 9, 2003
Read it again for like 7th time
Blue Dude
9:24 pm | December 9, 2003
Great stroy keep it up
Blue Dude
5:28 am | December 7, 2003
HUrry up and come out with the next one.Awesome stories.Gotta love em
3:15 am | December 6, 2003
Damn Nice, Damn Nice, Helluva Wait But Damn Worth It, Best Part Yet, Keep It Up, HELL YEA!!!!
3:51 pm | December 4, 2003
Whewh...I still have my fan base. Yeah! Thanks for the positive comments.
Silent Hunter
3:27 pm | December 4, 2003
Damn, this is a god-awesome story.
Blue Dude
9:02 pm | December 2, 2003
Finally.Ive been waiting for this part to come out forever.I love you story.Its the best that ive read by far!!!!!!
4:20 pm | December 2, 2003
After reading my story(after it was submited like a fool) I noticed I used the word 'they' a little too much. I am SO sorry for the repetive word. I'll make sure next time I won't screw up as such. Other than that I hope you people like this story. Next week I should have part three out for chapter 6.