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Comments for 'Halo 2: The Fallen Chp 5 Sect3- Innocent Flame'

4:12 pm | November 6, 2003
No problem. Saves me some ammo. Unless you need it. I've got nearly all kinds so go right ahead and ask if it is rare.
4:57 am | November 4, 2003
Okey-dokey. But can I bring my own arms?
Mainevent-The real one
9:18 pm | October 31, 2003
I'll come. But only if someone provides pink tutus....*looks at Louis Wu*
2:08 pm | October 31, 2003
Okay. That helps. Now who wants to go hunting for people who use another's alias without permission? I've got the guns if you guys got the transport.
Da real Mainevent
12:47 pm | October 31, 2003
That wasn't me.
12:36 pm | October 31, 2003
Thanks very much J-117. I've waited a year and a half to hear those exact words from someone. Now Mainevent what the heck are you talking about? HK is very confused.
12:11 pm | October 31, 2003
u always were my favorite author and this still proves it, good shit.
4:16 am | October 31, 2003
I'm a total idiot please kill me i admit im a teenager who insults people for fun hehe!!!