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Comments for 'A Letter Home'

12:09 am | October 8, 2003
MasterGrunt is not an asshole, yo. Why'd you say that?
10:14 pm | October 7, 2003
all i can say is...wow, and that MasterGrunt is a asshole. Your story is great i loved it and i think that u should defiunatly write more of these letters stories.
3:14 pm | October 7, 2003
Thanks for the compliments. I actually wrote this as a tribute to my buddy in the Army. He is supposed to be the writer of the letter. The man's over in Iraq right now and has written me a dozen horror stories which were part of the basis for this writing. I should have some more fan fictions out soon if people still like my writing.
11:27 am | October 7, 2003
Wow. 10/10. THis story really touched me not like those shoot everything in sight stories.
9:47 pm | October 6, 2003
Sic eunt fata hominum... 10/10.